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Gameday XIV sign-up! Go! Now!

The Gameday XIV sign-up thread is now live Head on over and grab a seat! We’ve got a slew of D&D events this time around, as well as compelling indie contenders like Burning Wheel and Dread.

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ENWorld is back, and we have a new planning thread

Here is the new planning thread for Gameday XIV ENWorld has restored a copy of their database from Dec 29th, 2005. Unfortunately, this means that our original planning thread is lost to the ether. I have started a new thread which is linked above. Our roster is now pretty full, but we can still see […]

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Gameday XIV Event Planning

ENWorld has announced that their recent outage may result in everything from Dec 29th onward being lost. That includes the planning thread for Gameday XIV. Head over to this thread on Nutkinland for more details about the outage. It is now imperative that our volunteer GMs post their event details in the comments for this […]

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Gameday XIV will be on June 17th

The masses have spoken, and this seems to be the best date for our volunteer GMs.

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Planning has begun for Gameday XIV

Right now, we’re trying to decide on a date: June 17th or June 24th? Post your preference on the thread, and lets us know if you want to run a game.

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