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Gameday XIV is dead… long live Gameday XV!

Another successful Gameday for the record books. You can share memories and photos starting on page 9 of the sign-up thread. Attendance this time around was not stellar, but we were competing with a lot of other things, like Father’s Day, Milwaukee Summer Revel, and general “It’s summer so you should be outside” issues. Nonetheless, […]

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Gameday photo archive now on Fickr

Photos from Gameday XIV can be found on Flickr. Head on over to check them out and tag ’em to your hearts delight. As time goes on, I’ll post photos from previous and future Gamedays in hopes of building up a complete archive. Sure, it’s mostly amateruish pics of people sitting around tables, but we […]

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Win a GenCon badge!

I’ve been informed that two 4-day passes for GenCon 2006 have been donated to the Gameday prize pool. HUGE! We’ll be doing a special drawing after our regular prize giveaway to send these passes home to a good family. But, you can’t win if you don’t sign up. 🙂

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Updates to our schedule

The following event has been removed from the schedule. Game 5: Legends of the Shining Jewel, D&D 3.5 The following event has been added to the afternoon lineup: Game 7: The Great Space Race Kenzer & Co.’s The Great Space Race boardgame A short time ago, in a galaxy not too far away, powerful alien […]

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