Gameday XIX player sign-up will begin Feb 16th

Our volunteer GMs have filled up the Gameday XIX roster. So, we’ll start signing up players on Saturday, Feb 16th. The link for the sign-up thread will be posted here and emailed to our mailing list.Your menu of event choices will include:Morning: 9:30am – 2:30pm

  1. buzz, D&D 3.5/Eberron, “Chimes at Midnight,” 5 players
  2. Nev the Deranged, 1001 Nights, 5 players
  3. Cerebral Paladin, D&D 3.5, “Social Climbers,” private room
  4. Ninjacat, Unisystem, “Best Laid Lines of Demons and Men,” 6 players
  5. sw3333, Star Wars Saga Edition, “No Child Left Behind,” 5 players
  6. Dfranco83, Shadowrun 4e

(On deck, pending: Mark, D&D 3.5/d20, “The Taking of Old MacGuffinville!”, 5 players, tall table in back)

Afternoon: 3:30pm – 8:00pm

  1. Mark, D&D 3.5, “Wasting Away, Again, in Old MacGuffinville,” 5 players, private room
  2. Vyvyan Basterd, “Dark Blade Rising,” D&D 3.5, 8 players
  3. TracerBullet42, Ghostbusters RPG, “ApoKERMIS Now!”, 6 players
  4. Tim C Koppang, Hero’s Banner, 4 players
  5. WJMacGuffin, Paranoia XP, “Wireless Memory Downgrade (WMD),” 8 players
  6. HinterWelt, Squirrels Ahoy, 5 players
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