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Gameday XX will be held on June 14th; save the date

I’ve just confirmed with Rich over at Games Plus that we’ve locked in June 14th as the date for the next Chicago Gameday. Mark your calendars, folks! Expect to see a planning thread on ENWorld in the coming months.

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The spawn of Gameday: Gameday North

Our own Vyvyan Basterd, i.e., Kelly, has started organizing his own Gameday up in Antioch, IL. It has been dubbed Gameday North. There is currently a planning thread for the inaugural gathering. Head on over there for more details.

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More Gameday XIX photos

Tim C Koppang has posted his pics from Gameday XIX. Los of good shots in this collection.

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Gameday XIX aftermath: pictures and thanks

Another Gameday come and gone… head on over to the sign-up thread to share and post your thank-yous and pictures. You can also view Flickr sets from both Mark Clover and myself. Enjoy!

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