Gameday 28 event planning starts Jan 17 @ 7pm

This is advance warning that we will start event planning on Monday, Jan 17th, at 7pm.

I’ll create a thread on ENWorld at that time and send out the thread to this list, as well as post the link on Facebook. Once you receive the URL, post in the thread if you’d like to run an event. The initial thread post will have details about submitting events.

And now: some new stuff!

First, I’ve made a map of the games room at Games Plus. Take a look.

The tables are labeled, A-I, and each table is marked with its ideal seating. Now we’ll determine in advance which table you’ll be at for your event, plus we can better match event size to table size. So, yes, if you’re running a smaller event, you’ll be running it at at tables A or B; a typical six-player event, you’ll be at C-G; and, Games Plus permitting, big events or wargames will be at tables H or I.

Second, I’d really like us to shoot for at least six events in each slot (morning and afternoon): five “GM + 6” (or larger) events and one “GM + 4” or larger event. Assuming we have those six, we can add on more events (of any size). This gives us a baseline of accommodating 40-42 attendees, GMs included. (“GM” can of course, mean “person running event”; your game need not have a GM role.)

Again, this is the ideal. Obviously, it depends on what kind of events people want to run. Still, the more players we can accommodate, the more people can attend. The more people we bring in, the more Games Plus loves us. 🙂

Okay, hopefully this all makes sense. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

See you on Monday!

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