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Gameday 31 is a wrap!

Thanks to our volunteer GMs, all of our attendees, and to the owners and staff of Games Plus. I love it when a plan comes together. My final count for total attendance, GMs and players included, is 45, though I have a feeling the actual total is maybe 1-2 more. That’s fantastic! One of the […]

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Gameday 31 player sign-up is now LIVE

Player sign-up for Gameday 31 is now live. If you want to play a game at Gameday 31, post in the following thread on ENWorld: Gameday 31 player sign-up on ENWorld In your post, list the events in which you’d like to play. Seats are filled in the order in which posts appear. If an […]

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Official event list for Gameday 31

We’ve had a few additions and tweaks to our schedule since the last post. Here is the final event roster in anticipation of tonight’s player sign-up. Morning: 9:30am – 2:30pm Hero’s Banner (Tim C Koppang, 3 seats, table A) Psi*Run (Nev, 4 seats, table B) Pathfinder (TracerBullet42, table C) Outlive Outdead (WjMacGuffin, 6 seats, table […]

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