Gameday 31 is a wrap!

Thanks to our volunteer GMs, all of our attendees, and to the owners and staff of Games Plus. I love it when a plan comes together.

My final count for total attendance, GMs and players included, is 45, though I have a feeling the actual total is maybe 1-2 more. That’s fantastic! One of the larger Gamedays, overall.

I had a blast in the Dragons at Dawn event in the morning! We approached our first encounter with a 3e/4e mindset, and it nearly got us all killed. The shock shifted us into Old Schoolâ„¢ mode, which proved far more successful. Hirelings! Caltrops! And my thief-assasin one-shot killed an ogre with a thrown dart! Good times. Line of the session: “We can just act like America.” (I.e., let’s arm some insurgents to create a puppet regime!)

My Marvel event in the afternoon went really well. I’m really glad that I got a chance to play test my event a week earlier. Everyone seemed to have a good time and enjoy the system. Kudos to Spidey for cocooning Carnage, Thing for downing the annoying Purple Man in one hit, and to all the heroes for literally scaring most of their opponents into surrender.

And, of course, photos!

Thanks again, everyone! We’ll do it again in the summer!

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