Chicago Gameday 36 is a success and the largest Gameday on record

Chicago Gameday 36 went off without a hitch this past Saturday. We drew a total of 68 attendees, including myself, which makes this the best-attended Gameday on record! The previous holder of the title was Gameday 17 back in 2007.

It means a lot to me that, more than a decade since Gameday’s inception, we can still occasionally manage to pack the Games Plus back room to the rafters.

Many, many thanks to everyone who attended, to our volunteer GMs/facilitators, and to our gracious hosts, Games Plus.

Special thanks to my fellow crew members in Monsterhearts and all of my victims in Dead of Night.

I also hope that all of our first-timers had fun and will consider coming back and gaming with us in the future. ONE OF US! ONE OF US! ONE OF US!

View photos of Gameday 36 on Flickr

Cheers, everyone; enjoy the upcoming holidays and the celebration of the New Year. Stay tuned for news about dates for Gameday 37 in 2014.

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