Gameday 37 using for player sign-up

We are going to use for player sign-up this time around.

Gameday 37 Warhorn page:

In order to sign up for Gameday 37 events, you’ll need to create a Warhorn account. Signing up with Warhorn is free. I would suggest that players and GMs set up an account prior to player registration, as there it’s possible there could be a delay in getting your account set up.

Why are we using Warhorn?

Chicago Gameday is one of the few — possibly the only — ENworld Gameday that still uses their forums for planning and registration. Given that our association with ENworld has been mostly in name for many years now, that ENworld has often been unavailable during player sign-up, and that a few people have encountered difficulty in registering with ENworld, we’ve decided that it’s time to start investigating other methods for administering our event.

The advantage to Warhorn is that registration is automated. There’s no need for me to manually monitor a forum thread and log sign-ups. Players will receive immediate confirmation of their sign-ups, and the roster will automatically track which events have seats available and which do not.

This is primarily an experiment. We’ll see how it goes this time around and then make a decision about whether to continue using Warhorn or find a different solution.

Feel free to respond to me with any questions or concerns you have.

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