Chicago Gameday 43 is Feb 27 and registration is now open

Happy New Year, Gamedayers! It’s 2016 and time to start getting our Gameday on. Gameday 43 is coming up on Saturday, Feb 27, starting at 9:30 a.m. Our Warhorn site is live and ready to take registrations for everyone.

Register for Gameday 43 at

Right now, you can register as an attendee, but you can’t sign up for events, since we’re still finalizing our event schedule. Event signups will begin at the start of February; look for an announcement later this month.

Gameday 43 needs GMs!
We’re currently looking for volunteers to run events for us. If you’d like to run an event, submit your idea via our Gameday 43 Event Submission form. Your event should last 4-5 hours and accommodate 4-6 (or more) players. RPGs, board games, and war games are welcome.

Chatter on Facebook
This time around, we’re using the Gameday Facebook page for incidental chatter, questions and discussion. A Facebook Event has been created for Gameday 43 as well, to which you can RSVP and share amongst your Facebook friends. It’s a grand experiment to see how we’ll handle this sort of thing going forward.

See you at Gameday 43!

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